Welcome to Yedi 2.0

We are glad to introduce to you Yedi 2.0!
Yedi Mobile App aims to be the go-to app for your daily essentials to the occassional luxuries.

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Heres what the updated app looks like below. Easy to navigate, search and explore. A haven for both buyers and sellers!

Just a few Seller FAQs to get you started.

Benefits of Selling on Yedi?

  • Your products will be given exposure to new customers
  • You already do Product Photography for your products? Then be sure to see your product on a Yedi Sponsored Ad. And if you don't do Product Photography for your products, we can help with that!
  • Exposure to Possible Bill Board adverts at The capital Hub
  • Exclusive reserved seller spaces at The Atrium Sale (hosted by @thecapitalhub (instagram handle) for the highest gross sellers!)
  • Hosting Sale events for Yedi Sellers
  • Dedicated day of the week for FREE DELIVERY to your buyers
  • No need to worry about your logistics, we handle all of that
  • We are 100% responsible for any item we pick up from you as a Seller
  • Your shoppers feel more secure knowing they will get their money back if the product never arrives. Thus eliminating Scam Sellers we are all so weary of.
How it works?

  • Seller uploads beautiful photos of products
  • Buyer falls in love places an order
  • Seller receives transaction notification
  • Seller confirms availability of product to buyer via app
  • Buyer is notified of stock level (if unavailable, order ends here)
  • Yedi Deliveries dispatch rider collects the product from seller
  • Yedi Staff confirms accuracy of product listing with collected item
  • Yedi Deliveries dispatch rider delivers to buyer and collects cash on sellers behalf
  • Buyer is happy
  • Commission is removed and Seller gets cash from Yedi Office or bank transfer
  • Seller is happy as well

What is the Commission Charged per product sold?

We charge a variable commision rate ranging from 5% to 8% per item sold on Yedi. The seller is responsible for any bank charges a bank transfer of your sale may incure (usually N50). Your funds from a sale will get released to you within 2 working days after the customer has accepted the item and is satisfied with the product after delivery.


We have a dedicated rider that picks up your items from a sale and delivers to your buyer. We aim to achieve same-day deliveries because who doesnt love them?

Product Photos?

If you would like to book a Product Photography Session, Please send an email to hello@yedi.com.ng. Each product listing must be specific to the description of one item, We currently do not support product variations e.g. color or size.

Listing Fees?

There are currently no listing fees for Yedi!

How do i become a seller?

You can select 'I want to Sell on Yedi' during sign up or by sending an email to hello@yedi.com.ng requesting to be a seller if you want to convert your account. Don't forget to include your username, full name and email address!

Have more questions?

Simply reply this email.


Yedi App Team